We care about telling stories: real-life runners’ stories, inspirational stories, motivational stories, aspirational stories, funny stories, sad stories, dog stories… anything goes! This is because we runners collect a lot of stories on our travels by foot, we take amazing pictures of the most stunning locations and we like to share our stories.



Run deep will feature insightful interviews, helpful advice, race reports and more. We’ll be looking at some of the most interesting and friendly events around the UK and beyond, and find out why some runners take on crazy challenges. Plus, we have advice from the experts to help improve your running and prevent injury.


For everyone

Running is for everyone, so whether it’s a first 5K, a tentative step onto trails, climbing massive mountains for a selfie, or getting lost in the woods, there is something waiting for you in each issue of Run deep – and if it’s not, tell us what you want to read. We want to really embrace the running community and the fun of our sport.


Meet the team

Julia Bassett

Julie Bassett

Julie has been working within the publishing industry for over a decade, and is also a life-long keen runner. Run deep is a project of passion, combining both her love for words and good grammar with her joy of running.

Julia Bassett

Danielle Dixon

Dani is one of the designers behind Run deep magazine. She is an enthusiastic runner with a background in publishing, working on a huge range of international titles on all kinds of weird and wonderful subjects.

Julia Bassett

Andy Palmer

Andy is a familiar face to many within the running industry. He’s the man with the big ideas and dreams, looking to change the running industry from the inside. He had the vision of a new magazine… and here it is!

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